uyama hiroto - freeform jazz [CD]

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ARTIST Uuyama Hiroto
TITLE freeform jazz
LABEL roph recordings
STYLE Instrumental Hip Hop + Rap + Jazzy Hip Hop + Underground Hip Hop + Japanese Hip Hop + 2010's + Limited
CONDITION Media: M / Sleeve: M


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-Comment by Label (

A new impulse work and a new frontier, which can be called a proposal of Japanese Free Jazz
This is the ambitious work of Uyama Hiroto with all his might.

This album is different from his previous works.

It is an ambitious work that approaches the core of his own music, which came to light while creating experimental music.

While his previous works pursued stylistic beauty within the genres of Hip Hop and Jazz, this work was created by confronting the depths of his mind, honestly projecting the emotions that well up into the sound, and releasing them through the techniques and technology he has cultivated.

Both are Uyama Hiroto's works, but if the past works were architectural in their production process, this album is an impulsive work with overflowing phrases and beats.
Therefore, while there are familiar Uyama Hiroto-like sounds such as folk melodies, wild percussion instruments, and spiritual instruments such as bamboo flutes that have been etched into the DNA of the Japanese throughout the album, it is not uncommon to be suddenly struck by an unexpected aspect.
It is also a proposal of a completely new Japanese Free Jazz that is not only his past self, but also not bound by the conventional concepts and manners of Hip Hop and Jazz.

The works that straightforwardly express the swell of the heart that was born in the course of his musical life are truly the result of the metabolism of musical energy, and the album is finished with a sense of Uyama Hiroto's further possibilities.

-Track List-

01. Into The Freedom
02. Yin and Yang
03. Taiko
04. Skipper
05. Laidback
06. Unconscious
07. Solidscreme
08. Fools No Rules feat Segawa Tatsuya
09. Waltz For Real World
10. South Side feat Shing02
11. Departure
12. Yamato Damasii
13. Posse feat Segawa Tatsuya
14. Imagination
15. Spacemountain
16. Route16
17. Minano Pride
18. Spin The Truth *CD bonus track

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