Segawa Tatsuya - sai [CD]

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ARTIST Segawa Tatsuya
LABEL roph recordings
STYLE Instrumental Hip Hop + Jazzy Hip Hop + Underground Hip Hop + Japanese Hip Hop + 2010's
CONDITION Media: M / Sleeve: M


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include bonus track
14. OutLawSession - DearPAPA
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roph recordings 3rd album.
Segawa Tatsuya / pull in sai

Segawa Tatsuya, a.k.a. The Third Man, has been involved in the early days of hydeout productions with nujabes, Uyama Hiroto, and Koizumi Takumi, and has been present at the establishment of roph recordings.
Segawa Tatsuya, aka The Third Man, has released his first album!

Raised in Fujisawa, Segawa Tatsuya has been exposed to various cultures such as music and surfing in the Shonan area, and has cultivated his sensibility.

It is truly dope and intuitive. His wild DJ style and free-spirited personality have attracted many people. He started producing beats when he provided music for the DVD "Dancing on the what" produced by the late professional surfer Yonosuke Sakuma, and through his music, he met nujabes and began working with the label from its inception.

During the release tour of modal soul, he met Uyama Hiroto and Koizumi Takumi, and worked as a live DJ and tour DJ as a tour member. He has supported many live performances since then, and also participated in nujabes' posthumous album "Spiritual State" as a scratcher.

After the death of nujabes, he established "roph recordings" with Uyama Hiroto and Koizumi Takumi as a place to sublimate and pursue their own music more genuinely, while inheriting nujabes' will. The release of the split single "magic number / behind the peak" with Hiroto Uyama, and the release of the single "hugewave". After participating in the work of French artist Lex (de Kalhex), they finally released an album that they have been working on since the label was first established.

Pull. In Sai" is a collection of intuitively expressed songs that convey Segawa Tatsuya's intense presence in a more realistic way, without losing any of the rough edges. It can be said to embody Segawa Tatsuya himself, who transcends genres and is not bound by boundaries. The deep involvement of Uyama Hiroto in the production of this album adds depth to its expression.

The use of flutes and drums in the music, the oriental and mysterious sounds of musical accompaniment, and the powerful beats of songs like "horn in the middle" that remind one of early nujabes music, all add to the dopey and addictive nature of the loops. Dopey and addictive loops and ultra-thick bass lines. The rough side and the mellowness side where he plays melodies and emotional trumpets that chill down like the slow waves he has seen. Segawa Tatsuya himself is well represented, with a relaxed mindset that allows himself to flow with the current, and a fierce side that challenges the rough seas and carries the mikoshi (portable shrine).

The artists featured on the album include the energetic guitar playing of Taka Yashiro, who is based in Kamakura, expresses the scene of Route 134 in Shonan, and has done many live sessions together, and the second half of the album features the guitarist King Bong Frank, who is a close friend of Segawa Tatsuya. The album also includes a studio session of transparent and melodious piano playing by Hiroto Uyama and trumpet playing by Tatsuya Segawa, who plays strongly with long tones.

Every song on the album is full of wildness and naturally makes you sway to the beat. This is the result of intense sessions with surfers, festival-goers, and other people who are close to the essence of human nature, and the music shakes the listener's instinctive nature. It is because, as Uyama Hiroto showed in Freeform Jazz, it is not constructive, but impulsive, played by energy overflowing from the root, and it is a soul work filled with Segawa Tatsuya's life itself.

All tracks produced by Segawa Tatsuya
Directed by Uyama Hiroto
A&R Koizumi Takumi
Mix & Mastered by Uyama Hiroto & Segawa Tatsuya at salnasounds studio
Design by KAREZMAD

Cover Art 「AUAHI ORI BORA 2003」 by jeanLucPELEY
Poster Art by Hiroshi Sakuma
Photo by toki-moon

2019 roph recordings

Track List-

1. Deeptuber
2. $$$$
3. set time feat. Taka Yashiro
4. FLOW with it
5. so Long feat. Uyama Hiroto
6. miyabara
7. hugewave instrumental
9. what's gonna be
10. yeyyeyyeyxYAY
11. keep Luv feat. king bong frank
12. HyDRA
13. Laidback134 feat. Uyama Hiroto & Taka Yashiro
14. OutLawSession - DearPAPA (CD BONUS TRACK)

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