Pruven - Designed Growth Destiny [CD]

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ARTIST Pruven 
TITLE Designed Growth Destiny
LABEL Select Few Records
STYLE Rap + Boom Bap + Conscious Rap + Hard Core Hip Hop + Underground Hip Hop + US Hip Hop + Connecticut + Bronx + New York + 2010's 
CONDITION Media: M / Sleeve: M

-Official description by Pruven-

The song 'Grown Child" is a bonus track from the album Designed Growth Destiny. Get the full album at one of the links above.

Coming from the depth of your consciousness bringing you light Pruven is bringing you his 8th solo project release with a catalog of music to follow. On the album, "Designed Growth Destiny" he is bringing the vivid wordplay with spiritual/storytelling lyrics to awaken listeners. Pure art.
You can tell that Pruven is a writer and a thinker who cares about his craft. After signing with Uncommon Records in Staten Island, New York in 2011 for 2 albums "Eccentric Cohesion" & "Stamina Of Thought" in 2012, Pruven kept working and building. This album is a solo release from Pruven on his indie label "Select Few" records but has the backing promotion from his NYC label Uncommon Records and also from Matic Records in the Bronx, NYC, which is the home to the legendary Juggaknots crew.
This album goes 24 songs long with alot to give the listener. Pruven's approach to music is very unique in the fact that he goes out of his way to inform people of matters of the past, present and his own personal love and hatred. Most artists naturally have a bragging echo with their music, but Pruven comes across with confidence, humility and raw hip hop substance.
This music is for everyone and is designed to make you grow overall, to look within, admit your failures and focus to grow for the future. "Designed Growth Destiny" is a catalog of music telling you about Pruven's life in time capsule format that should be appreciated for years to come. Raw hip hop music with timeless writing. Expand your attention span. Pruven, a poet in hip hop & a poet of life.


-Track List-

1. Seraphim 3:09
2. Vader Mask 3:01
3. Opposite Ephemeral 3:03
4. Tease Your Middle Finger 3:41
5. Amazon Zenith 3:42
6. Nightcrawlers (feat. B.C. & Ron Vetter) 3:48
7. Asian Imports 3:10
8. Shock Gratification 2:54
9. My Grahams 3:14
10. Sound & Rhythm (feat. Concept & B1) 2:37
11. Developmental Nourishment (feat. Vast Aire) 3:18
12. The Scimitar 3:43
13. Power of Will 3:43
14. Symbols (feat. Branespark) 3:16
15. Efforts Est. (H.A.A.R.P.) 3:54
16. Brolic Crown 2:45
17. Historic Floods 2:53
18. Convocation 2:29
19. X-Ray Intellect 2:40
20. Gun in Holster 6:07
21. Fiery Igloo 2:49
22. Lesssins (feat. Louis Logic) 3:24
23. Stone Step Shadows (The Angels Will Thank Me in the Streets When I See Them) 2:55
24. Whole of Virtue 3:30

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