Ninjaz Digga Tapes - Hidden Diggers [Cassette Tape]

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ARTIST Ninjaz Digga Tapes (Various Artists)
TITLE Hidden Diggers
FORMAT Cassette Tape
LABEL Ninjaz Digga Tapes
STYLE Instrumental Hip Hop + Boom Bap + Lo-Fi Hip Hop + Underground Hip Hop + 2010's + Compilation + Limited
CONDITION Media: M / Sleeve: M


/ Only 1 per customer (Same title, different colors too. If more than one item is purchased, the price of the second and subsequent items will be refunded.)

/ 25 Limited

--Buyer's Comments-

Their activities are too mysterious (is that why they are ninjas?) Compilation album by Ninjaz Digga Tapes

A very underground group whose names can be found on Tree Demon Tapes and Funkypseli Cave Records FNKC, but many people can't find them online.

"I finally found them online!!!!" and listen to them, they can make very dope and delicately finished beats, but for some reason they have only released one song, lol.

This enigmatic group of ninjas offers a beat tape with dope darkness, horror boombap, lo-fi instrumentals from start to finish, and beware of sprained cervical vertebrae!

You can't listen to it online, but I can vouch for the content of this tape.

Get a good quality cassette deck like Akai or Nakamichi and have a blast!

-Track List-

Side A:

1. Tape'92 - Hello, Win
2. God Wizard - Hay Cosas Que Debes Aprender
3. El Perro (Danny Da Dog) - Dead
4. Howak - Heavy Smoke
5. Billy Butcher- Look around
6. GREEN DUTCH - Followed around
7. rak. - Red Placebo
8. Soldier of SP202 - Little Devil (live freestyle SP202)
9. Da Diggedy Flipsta Monk - Deadly Snare 666

Side B:

1. Billy Butcher - Billy on a walk
2. Nizuk - From The Old School 
3. Lonely Orig4mi - Silent Hill #1
4. Gran Green - Fucking Grito
5. God Wizard - Usted Lo Ha Visto
6. rak. - Night Patrol
7. Gran Green - Fucking Ilusion
8. 古い Stan - Forest Killa
9. GREEN DUTCH - Guide Me Under
10. El Perro (Danny Da Dog) - And

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