Linn Mori - Resurrection [Cassette Tape]

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ARTIST Linn Mori
TITLE Resurrection
FORMAT Cassette Tape
LABEL Rockwell Product Shop
STYLE Instrumental Hip Hop + Jazzy Hip Hop + Electronic Hip Hop + Underground Hip Hop + Japanese Hip Hop + Tokyo + 2020's + Limited
CONDITION Media: M / Sleeve: M


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-Official Comment from Label-

The culmination of a new chapter in Linn Mori's "Digital Church" series. The E.P. is newly reinterpreted (remixed) by tajima hal, FK (ex guinness / tribe), Linn Mori himself, and others!

The new album "Digital Church" is released in the midst of Corona 2020, after 5 years of absence.

Linn Mori has expanded the boundaries of musical expression from his previous sampling and incorporation-based music, and in order to pursue more conceptual content, he has presented music that pursues digital elements and performance elements.

This work is the final part of the trilogy "Digital Church Series.

Digital Church," which depicts how the two groups come to understand each other's beliefs through saturation, collision, and mixing in the cyber space of the digital world.

Metamorphosis, a sequel to Digital Church

The newest installment, "Resurrection," is the conclusion of the Digital Church trilogy.

The album begins with "Digital Church - Linn Mori Remix," a self-remix of "Digital Church," the theme song of the series, and continues with "Resurrection," a new remix of "Digital Church" by former Guinness / tribe records manager, who has vast musical knowledge and a great deal of experience in the field of music. Prayer" by FK, who has an excellent sense of beats. Dreamland" by "Lex (de Kalhex)", the brain behind the French-based rap group "Kalhex". Digital Church" by "Repeat Pattern," who has also created the world view of the DIgital Church series, including the cover photo. Turquois Drop" by "tajima hal," one of the main members of the Japanese beat scene, who has just released his latest album on Germany's "SICHTEXOT. The album closes with "Nothing But A Dream" by "sonsofu", a young electronica beatmaker based in Texas, USA, who is heavily influenced by the Japanese electronica artist "Hepricum". Resurrection" is an interpretation of "Digital Church" by six unique individuals from different genres, ages, and countries.

The remixers themselves are so proud that they have created something exceptional among their own compositions, and each artist's song has been reconstructed to further deepen their understanding of the original work, creating a masterpiece that is a fitting conclusion to Linn Mori's new chapter and first act.

Mastering was done by Ryota Noguchi, who continues to support Linn Mori's works, and the cover was designed by Repeat Pattern, who has taken care of the cover photos for the entire series. FK's music will be released as a single prior to the release of this album.

-Track List-

1.Digital Church - Linn Mori Remix 03:00
2.FK - Prayer - FK Remix 03:25
3.Repeat Pattern - Digital Church - Repeat Pattern Remix 02:05
4.Lex (de Kalhex) - Dreamland - Lex (de Kalhex) Remix 02:17
5.tajima hal - Turquoise Drop - tajima hal Remix 03:18
6.sonsofu - Nothing But A Dream - sonsofu Remix 03:28

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