Lex (de Kalhex) - Satori [Cassette Tape]

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ARTIST Lex (de Kalhex)
TITLE Satori
FORMAT Cassette Tape
STYLE Instrumental Hip Hop + Jazzy Hip Hop + Electronic Hip Hop + Underground Hip Hop + French Hip Hop + Paris + 2010's + Limited
CONDITION Media: M / Sleeve: M


/ Only 1 per customer

/ 100 Limited

/ Sticker included

-Official Comment from Label-

I know of no other hip-hop that is this beautiful.
A new path of exploration for hip-hop that has reached its peak of maturity has been opened here.
AWANE(Seeds And Ground / sonimage-Lab,inc)

Lex is an important figure in the beat scene in France, where he has been getting a lot of props. His third solo instrumental Hip Hop album, which includes collaborations with Uyama Hiroto and Segawa Tatsuya, is finally completed in Japan!

The beat scene in France has been booming for the past few years.
In Japan, many beat makers are active, especially among the younger generation, and many artists are releasing their music on the French label. Lex (de Kalhex)", a smoldering silver star as a beat maker and MC of Kalhex, has completed his third solo album in France, a country that can be said to be at the forefront of the beat scene.

SATORI is based on his interest in the culture of books and the beautiful Japan he has experienced during his many visits to the country. The material is chosen from a wealth of experience and knowledge, and the solid beats are not flashy, but have a sound that resonates with the listener, making it an album that can be listened to again and again. If there is a line between a good album and an album that is not so good, this is a good album that has certainly crossed the line.
He also has a background as a drawing artist, and his artwork, also inspired by Japanese landscape and culture, is shown in this album.
The Japanese release of the CD, Tape, includes a special collaboration featuring Uyama Hiroto and Segawa Tatsuya of roph recordings as a bonus track.

-Track List-

1.Setting Stones 02:47
2.Eleven Love 03:08
3.Discovered Again 03:53
4.Here & Now 02:21
5.Unreal 03:13
6.Vacuity 02:34
7.Earthworks 02:29
8.Being 02:28
9.Higher Ground 02:46
10.Magic Hour 03:38
11.Motorways 02:46
12.Changing Child part II [feat. Segawa Tatsuya] - BONUS 04:12
13.Eternal Quest [feat. Uyama Hiroto] - BONUS 04:32

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