Kostia - Da Revolt [Black] [Vinyl Record / LP + Download Code + Obi Strip]

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01.Intro (ft. DJ Ryzk) 01:07
02.Awareness Of The Coypu 03:08
03.Back To Life Back To Reality (ft. DJ Dju) 02:03
04.The Hunter Becomes The Hunted 02:29
05.Relentless (ft. Daniel Son) 03:06
06.Memory Eternal 01:49
07.War Plan 00:58
08.Run To The Battle 03:11
09.Too Late (ft. Nefer) 01:53
10.Lost River Rat 01:37
11.Canine Alliance (ft. Junior Makhno & DJ Ryzk) 03:35
12.Real Don't Wear Fur 01:16
13.Le Danse Du Cyprès (ft. Dan Amoz) 03:04
14.Swamp Squad (ft. Fresh Cut) 01:44
15.Couch Back (ft. Big Ben) 02:38
16.Otter Crush 00:47

<<<Credit >>>
all tracks produced, mixed & arranged by Kostia
B3 co-produced by Junio Makhno
B7 co-produced by Big Ben
Guitar on B5 played by Dan Amoz
Scratches on A1 & B3 by DJ Ryzk
Scratches on A3 by DJ Dju
Scratches on B6 by DJ Fresh Cut
Mastering by Spud (Just for Your Ears)
Artwork by Lord Byron Mike (Avat'Art)
Layout by Hydrogenii

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