Industrealsound - Audible Kung-Fu [Vinyl Record / 12"]

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ARTIST Industrealsound
TITLE Audible Kung-Fu
FORMAT Vinyl Record / 12”
LABEL Not On Label
STYLE Instrumental Hip Hop +Boom Bap Hip Hop + Jazzy Hip Hop + Underground Hip Hop + German Hip Hop + 2010's + Limited
CONDITION Media: M / Sleeve: M


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/ 250 Limited

-Buyer Review-

This record was unearthed from our warehouse on 03/07/2022. It was a good album that I remember as being pretty cool, so I'm reviewing it in a hurry.

The EP is an album by the mysterious producer "Industrealsound" who suddenly appeared in 2018, sold out his own releases and left the underground industry like the wind around 2020.The EP is a collection of 7 boom-bap tracks made up of beats using only SP1200 and S950, with a total of 7 tracks. This is a highly recommended disc with no throw-away tracks.

The buyer's impression after listening to this disc was, "Is this beat-making method probably that of that person who has also released an album on POSTPARTUM. RECORDS But I dare not say it.

The website of Industrealsound is already closed, so it is completely out of date. No one can contact him (her?). and cannot be contacted, so there will probably be no reissue. After all, we still don't know who Industrealsound is, and it is a mysterious and enigmatic piece, It was shipped from Germany, so I think he is German.The market price is not that high, the market is wrong, and it will be reviewed one day.

The album was released with an Obi shortly before obis became fashionable, which is in good taste. Obi these days are put on for marketing purposes, but in the case of this album, I will take the liberty of thinking that it was put on out of love for the sampling source that the Obi was attached to.

-Track List-

A1-Deadly Combination
A2-Insanity Flows
A3-Grainy Textures

B1-Audible Kung-Fu
B2-Relax Your Mind
B3-Paint In Blue

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