Djablo - Pulpofision [Pink] [Cassette Tape]

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TITLE Pulpofision [Pink]
FORMAT Cassette Tape
LABEL Ill Catz Records
STYLE Instrumental Hip Hop + Boom Bap Hip Hop + Jazzy Hip Hop + Lo-Fi Hip Hop + Underground Hip Hop + Swedish Hip Hop + 2010's + Limited
CONDITION Media: M / Sleeve: M

-Official description by Ill Catz Records-

About Pulpofision

You could see this a part three in a trilogy of releases from Djablo. It all started one year ago with the release of his previous long form The Equity Plane. Finally after almost 20 years of producing music he made a quantum leap in the way that he approaches production. Almost like a mathematical formula he set up a set of rules, a spiritual guide to creation. He called it The Lowfi Dojo. It's a mindset, a place were things are not taken too serious. A place of play and joy.

The very fibre of Pulpofision is injected with it. It's full of references to pulp literature, Italian horror movies that somehow have the most amazing soundtracks, Mexican lucha libre soap operas and obscure underwater civilizations.

In the middle of all this there is what makes us human. And that is flaw. The self-proclaimed lofi addict is back.

The musical lofi traveler is back.This time deeply buried into South American folklore and legend. It all started with sampling some cheesy Mexican lucha libre samples from YouTube over the theme song from a very famous cartoon character. Fair enough to say that things got a lot deeper and darker after that. Very soon a concept was born and Juan Fernando Maguid aka Djablo love concepts.

Argentinian born with both italian, spanish and native american heritage clearly has marked his soul with troubled visions of the past. Everything from Dario Argento movies to the magical realism to freedom fighters has somehow made it into the mix. It’s a rare musical journey of a mans subconcious waking up.

Name of album


/ 40 Limited

-Track List-

1. Lucha Libre
2. One Eye
3. Svärm
4. Pulpo
5. Lucha Funk
6. They Ran
7. Bellz
8. Mil Mascaras
9. Returner
10. Marios Theme
11. Peligro en la Discoteca
12. Berlin 1981

All beats produced & mixed by Juan Fernando Maguid @ The Lowfi Dojo 2015-2016

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