Black Bear Basement - Beyond Traits [Black / Repress] [Vinyl Record / 12"]

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ARTIST Black Bear Basement
TITLE Beyond Traits
FORMAT Vinyl Record / 12”
LABEL Dezi-Belle Records
STYLE Instrumental Hip Hop + Boom Bap Hip Hop + Jazzy Hip Hop + Lo-Fi Hip Hop + Underground Hip Hop + German Hip Hop + 2010's + Limited
CONDITION Media: M / Sleeve: M


/ Only 1 per customer

/ 150 Limited

Black Edition


-Buyer's Review-

Black Bear Basement is an instrumental hip-hop band based in Hannover and Berlin, Germany.

If we had to categorize this album, it would be jazz bap/lo-fi boom bap.
People who like 90's boom bap, jazzy hip-hop, and lo-fi hip-hop ( which has been gaining momentum in recent years) will enjoy this album.
If you like live band hip hop, this is a must buy.

This is a great work where you can enjoy the dynamism of the sounds produced by the keyboard, vibraphone, saxophone, and turntable.
We'd recommend it for your store BGM!

The album was mixed by plusma and mastered by B-Side.
This is undoubtedly the best album in the jazzy hip-hop (jazz bap) category released in 2018.
You can see the members' lustrous, expressive, and above all, fun performance in the PV, so please check it out as well. (see the bottom of the page).

【Purchasing Story】

This title, “Beyond Traits”, was released in 2018, and I put off buying it because I was purchasing a significant number of titles at the same time.

However, it was so popular that it was already sold out the month after the label started selling it, so we were unable to stock it.

We immediately asked the label for a reissue, and it seems that there were many requests for reissues.
A year later, the album was reissued.

Limited edition of 150 copies.
Turntables (DJ): Jian Baker (Sotah)
Keyboard: Leon Pock (Beatmensch 5000)
Saxophone: Phillip Dornbusch
Vibraphone: René Kretschmer (Riez)

-Track List-

1.Werewolf 02:20
2.Kryptik 03:57
3.EnBas & Yuyuzu 06:52
4.316 03:03
5.Dershé 04:20
6.TQ3879 04:21
7.Murmur 03:50
8.Rufus 02:41

DJ: Jian Baker (Sotah)
Keys: Leon Pock (Beatmensch 5000)
Saxophone: Phillip Dornbusch
Vibraphone: René Kretschmer (Riez)

All Tracks produced by Leon Pock (Beatmensch 5000) & René Kretschmer (Riez)
Mixed by Beatmensch 5000 in cooperation with plusma
Mastering by B-Side
Artwork by Tobias Kugelmeier
Photography by Selhor

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