Betrayl - The Life N Death Of My Hood [CD]

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ARTIST Betrayl
TITLE The Life N Death Of My Hood
LABEL Long Range Distribution
STYLE Rap + Boom Bap Hip Hop + Hard Core Hip Hop + Underground Hip Hop + US Hip Hop + Massachusetts + New Bedford + 2000's
CONDITION Media: M / Sleeve: M


Only 2 per customer (Same title, different colors too. If more than one item is purchased, the price of the second and subsequent items will be refunded.)


The labels that we have supported at the store since the super-indie era have gradually become larger and easier to distribute in Japan.

Today, I feel that the lineup at the store is not interesting because of all the titles available in Japan, so I stocked up on a few old albums.

Good work by MA rapper "Betrayl" who started rapping influenced by Queens hip-hop.

Recommended for NY rap, especially for Queens hip-hop lovers.

Tragedy Khadafi (of Intelligent Hoodlum), Raekwon (of Wu-Tang Clan), Big Noyd, and other big names also guest on the album, and of course, three songs are very spirited and the finish is flawless.

I actually bought this album as a "mixtape" at a store in Shibuya when I was in my 20s, but it was a bootleg CD.

I have the entire CD, but I feel bad for the artist because I'm listening to it for free, and it's absolutely wrong for someone in the industry to have a bootleg of it.

So I contacted the artist to repurchase this album in a brand new authorized version, but I never received a reply, so I purchased it personally on Discogs, and the seller happened to be a representative of the label, so I stocked up on it while making my personal purchase.It's funny how fate works.

It's totally cool to listen to it now, so I've taken the liberty of certifying it as a classic.

I will write a detailed review later when I have time.

-Track List-

1.The Life N Death Of My Hood
Featuring - Dezrt

2.We Can Make It
Featuring - Sarah

3.The Corner
Featuring - Q

4.Where Were U

5.On The Streets
Featuring - Tragedy Khadafi

6.Talk 2 Much
Featuring - Siahlaw

7.Blunted On A Rainy Day
Featuring - Booda

8.Marked For Death

9.Blood Ova Money
Featuring - Booda, Dezrt, Q

10.Deceased Thugz
Featuring - Dezrt

Featuring - Raekwon

12.Seen It All
Featuring - Dezrt

13.Chancery Lane
Featuring - Dezrt

14.Looking For The Enemy
Featuring - Dezrt

15.Princes Of New B.
Featuring - Dezrt, P40 Thunda

16.No Love
Featuring - Big Noyd

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