DJ Cash Money - Fly Fishing Vol 4 [MIX CD]


Product Description

01–Ill Conscious / What They Need

02–S.L.I.M. Rockwell / Selectah

03–Willie The Kid / The Guilt

04–Da Ghetto Connect / Ego

05–Ill Conscious / Represent To The Fullest

06–Napoleon Da Legend / Ghetto Mosque

07–Tuff Crew / Philly Style

08–Y@k Ballz / TCK

09–Zigg Zagg / You Know My Style

10–Ghettolandz / Can He Come Out

11–Godfather Don / Homicide

12–MC Gels / Pray

13–Shabazz / Lidushopahorraz

14–Junior Mafia / Steal & Rob
Featuring – Biggie Smalls

15–Meyhem & Bronson / Typhoon Rap

16–Cenobites / Cold Peein On Em (Remix)

17–Timeless Truth / Russian Rock Hammers
Featuring – Your Old Droog

18–S.L.I.M. Rockwell / What He Say

19–Massive Staff / Suspect

20–Meyhem Lauren / Flexxin

21–Blitz / Pushin Off The Lead
Featuring – Prodigy

22–Hell Razah / Tissue Ass Niggaz

23–Hell Razah / Rampage

24–Absolute Value / Rip Wreck Shop

25–Class A Felony / Papa Don't Play

26–Too Poetic / Ruff Son Of A Gun

27–Stetsasonic / Funk Around