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JINDUJUN RECORDS - キント雲 VOL. 4 [Cassette Tape]
Cousin Feo/Keor Meteor - Creme Fraiche [Cassette Tape]-GourmetDeluxxx-Dig Around Records
Wun Two - Snow Vol. 5 [Cassette Tape]
ARMAND HAMMER - Rome [Cassette Tape]-FXCK RXP-Dig Around Records
Grumpysnorlax - Surf [Clear Blue] [Casstte Tape + Sticker]-INNER OCEAN RECORDS-Dig Around Records
Herb.sun - Savvy Travels [Cassette Tape]
pax - cherry[b] [Cassette Tape]
ANKHLEJOHN - The Face of Jason [Cassette Tape]
ANKHLEJOHN - Mahamudra [Cassette Tape]
YGCBEATS005 : Bo Bribery-YOGOCOP RECORDS-Dig Around Records
Elcamino - Don't Eat The Fruit [Cassette Tape]-GGBR Records & Tapes-Dig Around Records
ΔKTR - Push [Cassette Tape + Sticker]-FUZZOSCOPE-Dig Around Records

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