13rd March / 2022

We have created a collection called "Rap Français".
You can now check out the French language hip-hop collection.


1st July / 2021

Site maintenance was performed from 06/21 to 07/06.

Thank you for your patience for a long time.

The contents of this maintenance are as follows

1.There was a report that the coupon code was not available, but it is fixed.

2.Site speed has optimized.  

3.Incorrect shipping rates were displayed for customers in some countries, but this has been fixed.


12nd June / 2021

EMS delivery to the USA has resumed.

EMS usually takes 3-7 days to arrive, but there have been delays due to the coronavirus.

If you are currently living in the US, you can choose from the following three shipping methods

1.EMS (Express / 3-7 Days) [with cargo/shipping insurance & tracking number]

2.Sea Mail (Economy / 4-16 Weeks) [with cargo/shipping insurance & tracking number].

3.Sea Mail (Economy / 4-16 Weeks) [with tracking number but no insurance]


18th May / 2021

Due to the coronavirus, we have been unable to ship packages to Canada.
We will notify you via this page (Store Update) or Twitter when the service to Canada is resumed.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and thank you for your patience.



14th September / 2020

I made a mistake in the track list, so I corrected it.
We apologize for it.

Hus Kingpin Ft. Left Lane Didon - Wilt Chamberlain Chains [Vinyl Record / 7"]


 Hus Kingpin Ft. Left Lane Didon - Wilt Chamberlain Chains [Vinyl Record / 7"]

Hus Kingpin - Wilt Chamberlain Chains


21stt September / 2020

Site speed has optimized.  


27th July / 2020

Site speed has optimized.


9th July / 2020

"Pre-Order" is available today.


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