How to write a review to get a coupon

1.Log in or Sign up 

 You need to Log in or Sign up for writing a review to get a coupon.

How to sign up for membership


2.How to write a review

1.Choose a product

 Choose what you want to review and click "write a review" with stars(just under the   product's title). 

 Then jump to the customer reviews section.(just under the product section)

 Click "Add a review"

 2. Write a review

 Write a review and make sure to rate by stars.



3.Click "Post" and get a coupon!!!!!


Review is posted with your name. If you want to hide your real name, I can teach you how to change name on review post. 

1.Edit profile

Click "ACCOUNT" on the top right.

and click "EDIT PROFILE".


2.Change your name as you like then click "save" on the bottom.


3.Go back to review section and make sure your name is changed.